What Were the First Concert and the Last Concert You Attended?

Published the week of July 26-August 1, 2000

KerryAnna Vanzo
Server, Broadway Oyster Bar

"My first concert was a-ha at the Kiel Opera House -- the one with the bears outside? -- when I was 14, and well, I recently went to the Cure at Riverport, only because I got free tickets about an hour before the show. I used to love the Cure when I was younger, and I thought I'd outgrown them, but they're still cool."

C. Felton
Jazz Musician

"My first was the O'Jays, and I was 11 when my mom took us to that, in Cleveland, on the lakefront. I'd heard their records at home, but there was nothing like seeing them live, and I regard it as something that really made me think about being a professional musician; probably was the first thing. Last concert, Joshua Redman at the Bistro earlier this year. You know him -- tenor-sax player, plays soprano too. Boy's bad -- he's awesome. World-class player."

Brett Hogan
Whirling Dervish

"First concert? My brother took me to Blue Oyster Cult and Uriah Heep at the Arena. I was 11, and it was the first time I ever saw pot. There were two guys giving each other a shotgun, and I asked my brother if that was homosexuality. Last concert was Chris Duarte at Blueberry Hill. You know that Stevie Ray is smiling on that man."

Lutz Duerr
Pretzel Seller

"Last concert, Billy Joel at the Arena, and the first concert was in the Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa, the last show for the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and all them. That was a big concert back then -- tickets were 10 bucks. My favorite was the Big Bopper. The next morning, when I heard the plane crashed, it made me feel sick."

Keith "Scooter" Kelly
Carpenter, Gloss Galbry

"The first was Fleetwood Mac at the Old Barn -- that had to be like '79 or '80, right when the album Fleetwood Mac came out, and I was in love with Christine McVie, not Stevie Nicks. The last one was Chris Duarte and Sonia Dada at the Casino Queen. Sonia Dada, I thought, were too polished, too pop, but Chris Duarte was awesome."

Joe "Ziggy" Ziegenfuss
Stand-Up Boogie-Woogie Piano Player and Tap Dancer

"The first? Oh, I know! The Rush concert at the Pavilion in Forest Park -- I'd say 1967. That was good, but not as good as concerts at the Wash U. fieldhouse when the crowd would start rioting. The last concert was the Stones at the Dome. But see, that was just a warm-up act for the pope. The pope show, that was the biggest show I ever saw. More soul than a rock concert."

Thanks to Steven Hale, brewer at the St. Louis Brewery Tap Room, for this week's question.