Should Executions Be Televised?

Street Talk published the week of June 14-20, 2000

Ruth Ann Capone

"I'm mixed on that question: Yes, to show people it's death for your crime, and no, there's been enough pain for the victims and their families. Making the killer's own death into a spectacle isn't going to ease that pain. And then, to be able to watch an execution is like watching an old-time lynching. I think it's morbid to want to watch."

John Bizarre
Professional Buffoon

"Aren't they already? Springer, Jenny Jones -- they already do character executions, so maybe it's high time for televised scream-bloody-murder actual physical executions. Sort of an FCC-approved snuff film. But it should be pay-per-view."

Nichelle Orange
Patroness of Lost Causes

"No, because that would be exploiting people's lives. And certainly not on television -- that would be too much for children. I know I wouldn't watch it. I don't even watch horror movies."

Bob Halley

"No, no way. I think it's barbaric and not a deterrent. I don't even like to read about it. Would you want to watch some poor slob going through the contortions? There's something scary about a person being here one second and gone the next."

Steve Laurence
Real-Estate Buyer

"I do believe the family of the victim should have the right to watch that killer die, but I don't think it should be televised -- unless the victims were children or somebody who can't defend themselves. But I got no problem with pulling the switch. I'm a firm believer in a life for a life."

Patricia Barber
Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

"I think they should be mandatory watching for any judges, juries, prosecutors, governors and anyone else involved in bringing about these punishments. These people should have to go the full route and just see what all that means."