What Is Your Favorite Sound in the Whole World?

Jason Schneider
Stock Trader

"The sound that Velcro makes when you pull the two strips apart. It's so satisfying, all the little fibers that interact -- that's the sound of accomplishment. Two matching pieces of Velcro -- that's a compulsion."

Lisa Whisler
Physical Therapist, Unity Health Home Care

"I have three boys ... silence."

Mike Dressel
Assistant Stylist, Small & Mighty Films, Phoenix

"The "wah-wahs.' It's the sound that nitrous oxide creates in your head after you leave the dentist's office, go to your car and turn on the radio full-blast. You get the "pings' and the "wah-wahs,' also known as "hippie crack.'"

Kathy Mohead
Independent Housecleaner

"The sound of me screaming during sex!"

Charles Maple
Body Piercer, Rec Club

"Probably the sound of engine pistons -- motorcycle or car -- just the sheer energy of it and the impact it creates. It's beautiful; it makes you stop and think for a second about the world around you."

Brent Evans
Missouri State Representative, 92nd District

"My favorite sound is the sound of airport director Leonard Griggs trying to explain how a delay in the completion of Lambert Airport expansion from 2002 to 2006 is really only a delay of one year."