How Do You Celebrate Your Patriotism?

Nickie Dunn
Supervisor, Barnes & Noble-Ladue

"I don't. I'm always working holidays. I never seem to get to go to any barbecues. Besides, I don't feel like celebrating patriotism. I guess I'm apathetic — typical Generation X — the thought of watching parades and waving flags just doesn't grab me."

Paul Wood
Assembly-Plant Worker/Student

"Presently I'm leaving it up to the next wave of unbridled youth. I put in my eight years in the Army, and right now I'm trying to get educated — for myself and for any future family. I do vote, however, and I do remove my cap during the national anthem."

Bob Shear
Veteran, Battle of the Bulge

"I fly the American flag from my home every day I'm in St. Louis. Even if I think it might rain, I still put it out, but if it's already raining I don't put it out."

John Pertzborn
Anchor, Fox 2 News in the Morning

"I play the national anthem for my son on the harmonica, and my goal is to one day play it at Busch Stadium with Stan Musial. I once told Marty Hendon I wanted to do that, and I think he thought I was kidding."

Jerry Giraldin
Owner, Daily Planet News

"I believe in patriotism, and in order to have patriotism you have to believe in your country, be informed about the issues of the day and be able to discuss those issues. You have to throw yourself into making choices, participate actively within the system, and in doing so you can effect change, if you feel change is needed. And you have to love "America, the Beautiful.' It should stir the emotions and bring tears to the eyes."

Dan Rose
Laid-Off Chrysler Worker

"I love the Fourth of July, America's birthday party. I'll eat some brats, drink some Colt .45, blow off some firecrackers, maybe lose a finger or the hearing in one ear. When you think about it, that's what America's all about — Kool cigarettes, Colt .45 and Black Cat firecrackers."