The Mahatma Gandhi Center presents a performance of Feroz Khan's Mahatma vs. Gandhi

American filmgoers, outside of the organizers of international film festivals, have never heard of the actor/director/filmmaker Feroz Khan. Khan began his film career in the early 1960s, acting in Indian action/adventure films that were, at best, of grade B quality. Never realizing the success of which he dreamed, he decided to work on the other side of the lens, becoming a writer and producer of his own works. He garnered attention from the Indian film community with his productions of Qurbani and Dharmatma, an Indian version of The Godfather. In addition to his films, he has written plays, his most notable production being Mahatma vs. Gandhi. For one night only, the play will be performed here in a production hosted by the "Guardians of a Legacy," the Mahatma Gandhi Center.

Khan has taken the story of the Mahatma and portrayed him as a real man, an antihero with frailties and human shortcomings. The man has problems with his family. Gandhi's behavior is sometimes erratic and inexplicable. These parts of Gandhi's life are often overlooked but have been captured in Khan's play. If you go to the performance looking for Ben Kingsley, you'll be disappointed. If you go looking for an interesting perspective on the man, seen from an Indian viewpoint, you ought to be delighted.

Mahatma vs. Gandhi is performed at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 9 at the Kirkwood High School Auditorium, 801 W. Essex Ave. Tickets run from $25-$75. For more information, call the Mahatma Gandhi Center at 846-1888 or 567-0416.