What Is It About a Total Stranger That You Find Sexually Alluring? Part 1 of 2

Lincoln Calvin
Bassist, Boogie Chyld

"The eyes, the smile, the softness of her voice — and if she's wearing some nice perfume, that's icing on the cake."

Sharon Fortune
Bartender, Molly's

"It's so hard to explain ... OK, he should have self- confidence, be a straight shooter. No pretense. Physically, I like an athletic physique, and oh! I love hands, mens' hands, nice long fingers, not necessarily manicured, but well groomed, taken care of, and sensuous in their touch."

David Mory
Clerk, Daily Planet News

"A sense of humor, definitely — that's maturity speaking; it used to be other things."

Daniel Marshall
Unemployed and Hanging Out at the Downtown Library

"Actually I'm into female bodybuilders, athletes and models. I like the well-toned bodies, something you'd find in the Miss Olympia Pageant or Miss Universe Pageant — you know what I'm talkin' about. I like female rock stars and the heavy-metal girls, too, and with my Anglo-Saxon heritage, British and German women are kind of a turn-on."

Desitia Watkins

"I'd say the smile and the eyes, whether they look like they're happy. Some people, you can tell they're not happy with their life. I'll look for someone who looks genuine when they smile. They'll bring joy to my life as well."

Mogen Doyle

"A baby face, a great body and totally dysfunctional."