Unreal covets a cool bathtub and encounters a blogger's reluctant case of Wii envy

Unreal Wants This Bathtub!
Unreal has long coveted the Cardinals bathtub that stands in the display window of the Henry Plumbing Supply on Kingshighway. Actually, truth be told, we only have a stall shower in our apartment and would covet any bathtub, but good God this one's a beauty.

Honestly, we kind of covet her feathery bath mules, too.

Yesterday we finally summoned the nerve and our crack reporting skills to make an inquiry.

"It's hand-painted by Clearwater," a cheerful spokeswoman named Gail informed us. "It was made for display only."

"Darn!" we said. (This was the mildest expression of our feelings.)

"But we'd sell it for $4,200," Gail continued.

"$4,200!" we exclaimed. That seemed rather steep for a bathtub, even one with hand-painted art.

"Well," Gail said confidentially, "I'd be willing to give it to you for $1,200. Do you live in the city? And do you rent or own?"

"Um, actually," we said, "could we get a Blues logo instead?"

"We can get anything put on it, if that's what you want."

Local Blog o' the Week
"Patrick Says"
Author: Patrick
About the blogger: Patrick's a married father of two boys who writes, "At one time, I had a tagline on this blog. Depending on the theme, it would show up on the header. Anyway, it's 'Geek. Father. Husband. Agnostic. Liberal.' That's really the core, pretty much in order."

Recent Highlight (May 16): Bridging the Wii Gap...
I've had this post idea for awhile, but never really had the kahunas to actually post it. But, what have I got to lose, so who cares?

We're pretty broke these days. That's not really a shocker, is it? I've been moaning about it for months. But that's not the point. The point is that the oldest likes to go to his friend's houses and they play games like the Wii. Now because these kids have the systems in their homes, they get to play quite a bit more than my son. So, he pretty much gets his butt handed to him.

Every. Single. Time.

Can you imagine how frustrating it is to play something and get beat every single time and know you're not going to win? Happens to me in the real world and it sucks. So, when my five-year-old has to go through, it makes me sad. He's friggin' five. He should get some occasional joy before the world starts crapping on him 24/7.

So, if you got a couple bucks burning a hole in your pocket, chip in on the sidebar over there? If you think I'm a douche for trying to get a Wii, that's fine. I have a tough skin and I can take it. If you're broke, too, we're cool. Move along to the next post. I know how that goes.

UPDATE: Took down the widget. I just can't do it. Sorry.

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