Dangerous Muse

Give Me Danger EP (Cordless Recordings)

Dangerous Muse — a.k.a. singer/lyricist Mike Furey and keyboard player/programmer Tom Napack — made a big splash on New York City's electro-clash scene. The duo's music first took off in gay clubs, but they reject categories like "in" and "out." "We didn't define ourselves according to pre-existing 'out' terms. We are ambisexual," Furey says. "Ambisexuality is a sexual minority beyond homosexuality," Napack adds. "It's an identity which does not define itself in absolute terms." Dangerous Muse blends house and '80s Britpop for a dark, seductive sound highlighted by Furey's lascivious vocals and Napack's minimal backing tracks. "The Rejection," a gentle put-down of a girl who doesn't realize her potential beau is gay, calls to mind Erasure, with its bubbly melody and Furey's restrained vocal; an early demo of the tune hit No. 2 on iTunes with no promotion. "All Yours (The Doctor)" is explicit without being X-rated, although it comes close when Furey promises to "make it last forever" as the background singers croon, "Say 'ah.'" Dangerous Muse lives up to its name with these six deliciously sinister tracks, while the mixes by producer Ted Ottavio (Book of Love) give each tune atmospheric polish.