Say Hi To Your Mom / Evangelicals

8 p.m. Saturday, October 14. Saint Louis University's Billiken Club (Busch Student Center, 20 North Grand Boulevard).

The cover art for each of Say Hi to Your Mom's four LPs is so adorable, so pastel-pretty and whimsical, that one half-expects a parade of pug puppies to come tumbling out of the jewel cases. But the childlike album art (and cheeky name) of this New York band belies the dark complexity of its music. This year's Impeccable Blahs is Your Mom's most ambitious work to date (tee hee). Album-opener "These Fangs" is a propulsive rocker that flows seamlessly into "Snowcones and Puppies," a dense, triumphant song reminiscent of Wolf Parade's best work. Band founder and vocalist Eric Elbogen sounds sexy as hell, whether he's making soft threats on the Postal Service-esque "Blah Blah Blah" or playing it heartbreakingly sincere on the gorgeous "She Just Happens to Date the Prince of Darkness." Norman, Oklahoma's Evangelicals share the bill; the songs from their excellent debut album, So Gone, should provide a deliciously trippy complement to Say Hi to Your Mom's sparkling indie rock.