The Smittens

10 p.m. Monday, August 7. CBGB (3163 South Grand Boulevard).

Indie-pop was never all about hearts and flowers. While Beat Happening, Tiger Trap and their musical progeny trade in childlike imagery, it's not that hard to hear layers of adult depth underneath the surface. Today's Exhibit A: The Smittens, three guys and three gals from Burlington, Vermont. They've released two CDs full of fun and playful pop tunes, but they're not afraid to gently critique political issues both global ("Stop The Bombs") and local (their first CD is called Gentlefication Now!). And there's always "I Hate Vermont," an anti-love letter to their home state. Perhaps this is why they've chosen to tour the hot south and Midwest this August instead of enjoying some Ben & Jerry's at home. Bunnygrunt and Poison Control Center will open the show.