RFT readers wonder whether administrators at a Sedalia high school are still living in the Paleolithic era

Daily RFT, AUGUST 31, 2009
Where's Clarence Darrow when you need him? Looks like Missouri is devolving ["Evolution T-Shirts on Trial in Missouri Town," Chad Garrison]. If this high school in Sedalia is going to cower to ignorance based on religious views, it should lose its state funding. This was merely a creative way to highlight achievement. Evolution is religiously neutral because it is scientific theory. I guess their next step will be to abolish the theory of relativity.
Chris, via the Internet

Flat-world thinkers: So, using the same reasoning, any T-shirt that depicts the Earth as a globe should also be banned because a literal reading of the Christian Bible makes clear the Earth is flat! There is at least as much evidence that evolution happens as there is for the world not being flat. Those misinformed people who deny the reality that evolution happens are modern-day flat-earthers.
The Bicycling Guitarist, via the Internet

Morons for Jesus: I'm from St. Louis and can safely, scientifically say that all of you against that shirt are total fucking morons. Get a life, and realize you're imposing your beliefs on other people's logic. If you're religious you can say you're offended by anything, which makes your ridiculous law an utter embarrassment. You should all be grossly ashamed of yourselves. I'm sure Jesus is pulling a total face-palm right now.
Pete, via the Internet

Pancake censorship: This reminds me of my own marching-band experience 30 years ago in St. Louis county. Then, we had a band poster for a pancake breakfast banned because it read "EAT ME at the pancake breakfast" with a stack of pancakes on it.
SPC, via the Internet

Seriously: I don't think gravity should be associated with our school.
Ian, via the Internet

Note to the teacher who complained: Don't worry, Mrs. Melby, there's no chance Sedalia will ever be associated with evolution again.
Robin, via the Internet

And finally ...: Dear Ms. Melby: Here is a box of condoms courtesy of Darwin. Go devolve yourself.
AvatarRLF, via the Internet

Mixed messages abound: Saying how much you hate someone counts as "cyber-bullying" ["Acquitted 'Cyber Bully' Lori Drew Finds Herself a Victim of Online Tormenters," Keegan Hamilton]? Well then, every nasty comment, gossip blog and critical newspaper editorial can fall under cyber-bullying. Does the woman even visit that site? If so, are they trying to strong-arm her off it, sending her e-mails, instant messages, falsely representing themselves, etc.?

I think you need to state just what you define bullying as, both real world and virtual, before you start labeling everyone who says something mean as a cyberbully.
Angge, via the Internet