Readers rave about Leonard Cohen's magical concert and rant about Andrew Schlafly's re-edit of the Bible

A to Z, NOVEMBER 8, 2009
Some enchanted evening: Yes, it was a pilgrimage and a long-awaited one ["Show Review + Setlist: Leonard Cohen at the Fabulous Fox, November 7," Aimee Levitt]. It was simply the best concert I have seen for many years. In fact, it may have been the best. I heard this comment from many people after the show. I am in awe of Cohen and his music — and the fact that at 75 he could get down on his knees so easily so many times during the evening! His humility and gratitude towards the band members, the Webb Sisters and Sharon Robinson was inspiring. Those of us lucky enough to be there paid homage to him, and it was a privilege to be present in such a wonderful setting with such beautiful words and music coming together.
Sue, via the Internet

Rude behavior can't spoil performance: I haven't been living in St. Louis very long, and it was my first time at the Fox, but I was amazed to see the poor behavior of St. Louisans in their own landmark theater. Not only were there people speaking in normal voices during the mandolin solos (and how the heck could you even do that?!) and generally behaving as if they were at home watching reruns of Gilligan's Island, but there were an awful lot of people taking pictures of the stage with cell phones — which tells me that if technology has made us smarter, it's also made us ruder. Fortunately, Mr. Cohen's music helped me to transcend most of that.
Nate, via the Internet

Anything will be better: As long as they tear down that godawful skybridge, they can turn it into a brothel for all I care ["St. Louis Centre Is Indeed to Become Parking Garage!" Chad Garrison].
Realist, via the Internet

Makes Tulsa look good: Ugh. What a bad idea, more parking downtown. Soon we will have more parking spaces than people downtown. Good news for Tulsa, Pittsburgh, Memphis and Kansas City!
Joe Schmoe, via the Internet

Hateful intrusion: They are getting rid of the skybridge, right? I hate that thing so much. It has become the embodiment of so many bad decisions.
Chip Deubner, via the Internet

Coinkydinky?: December 7, 2009, a date which will live in infamy ["Highway 40 to Open December 7," Chad Garrison].
FDR, via the Internet

That's all folks: In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon ["Hallowed Be Thy Name," Keegan Hamilton]!" Andrew Schlafly lets "liberal" roll off his tongue as if he's saying the N-word or a dirty four-letter word. People like Andrew and the Bush puke are the reasons things we are so f'ed beyond belief. Republicans spit out nonsense like it's the Gospel truth.
Frank Johnson, St. Louis, via the Internet

Prayers for a maroon: Doesn't this guy have anything better to do than try to rewrite history to back up his judgmental thoughts and opinions? I will never understand why people can't be happy "knowing the truth" and living their lives accordingly. Why are so many "right-eous" people hell-bent on the rest of the world living the way they've chosen to? If other people are living contrary to their beliefs and are happy, it seems to threaten them. My prayers go out to this frustrated man.
Maggie, St. Louis, via the Internet

Hey maroon, look in the mirror: Do you have any idea what it is like at fourteen years of age to have a good-ole boy fire-and-brimstone Southern Baptist preacher tell you that no matter how much good you do in your life, no matter how many people that you may help in any way, shape or form, that you are going to burn in Hell for playing "demon rock & roll?" Do you know what kind of toll that takes on a person's mind? Do you know how long I was on a guilt trip because of him? I almost had a nervous breakdown over that. So before you call someone a closed-minded a**hole, look in the mirror.
Mike Hill, St. Louis, via the Internet

End time nears for all maroons: You best hurry it along, Schlafly, and get the "right" translation in place. After all, we only have until 12-21-12!
Sue, St. Louis, via the Internet