Readers think the Boss, birther bashing and anvil shooting is a blast

Worthy of its awards: This is a classic example of Not In My Back Yard syndrome ["What Price Green?" Kristen Hinman]. Only that instead of the topic being a landfill, incinerator or toxic-waste dump, we're talking about a recycling center. It's an easy-access learning center for the children in the Parkway School District, an income-generating profit center, an alternative to waste and landfill and a job provider. What impact would moving the recycling center have on the district? Would collection trucks have to drive farther, increasing their carbon footprint, fuel consumption and expense? Would it be harder to get kids out there to learn about the importance of recycling in a tangible way? Every time we move an industry or a facility "out of our back yard," there is a loss to the community because there is less involvement in these crucial processes. This facility deserves the awards and positive recognition it receives, not the headaches caused by these neighbors.
C Phillips, St. Louis, via the Internet

Blog post hits all the wrong notes: Let me see if I understand you ["How to Raise $800K in One Night, SLSO-Style," Aimee Levitt]. You're behaving this way because an arts organization held a party to raise money? This is newsworthy? And not just newsworthy, but worthy of your obvious scorn and catty jokes about rich people? Symphonies across the country are in financial trouble. The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra lost a full season to contract disputes not long ago. Now it is back in operation and attempting to stay afloat — in a very difficult economic sea and one in which their peers are sinking — and yet you feel the need to disparage them for doing so? No one was forced to pay for this evening. Perhaps that's the noteworthy element of the party. St. Louis still has people who will pay dearly to support something they believe has meaning and value.
Fyodor, via the Internet

Such a waste: I am glad these morons, Cynthia Davis and Timothy Jones, are wasting their time doing this rather than the job they were elected to do ["Lawsuit Brought by Missouri 'Birthers' Hinges on Kenyan Newspaper Article," Chad Garrison]. If I were from O'Fallon or Eureka, I would be giving these turds a phone call, and then a piece of my mind, about wasting taxpayers' dollars on this crap.
Kristin, via the Internet

What Darwin must think: Seriously, how stupid can people get? De-evolution is real, and this lawsuit is the proof.
A non-moron, via the Internet

Amused by nut jobs: Watching the unhinged far right self-destruct is very entertaining. Please keep it up, birthers.
Chilidog, via the Internet

A to Z, OCTOBER 26, 2009
Springsteen still kicks your butt: Dear Indie Rockers: I like you, respect your work and appreciate that your publicists send me your CDs and MP3s ["Review: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band," Christian Schaeffer]. That said, you (all of you) should keep an eye on this 60-year-old guy with a head cold and his black-clad fellow AARPers. Tonight, they ate your lunch, drank your beer, wrecked your basement, stole your girlfriend, destroyed your record collection and blew you to little bits. Give up or work harder.
Roy, via the Internet

The man's an aerobic machine: The fact that Bruce Springsteen can play for three hours straight without leaving the stage, allow himself to be passed around by the crowd and still bring the same urgency to a set of songs he did 30 years ago speaks volumes to what an accomplishment last night's performance was. Comparisons run thin when dealing with epic performances like this one.
Worldclassfad, via the Internet

Get a life: Just when I thought this part of the world couldn't get anymore disgustingly redneck, you come out with a story on anvil shooting ["It Ain't Rocket Science," Keegan Hamilton]. Wow. I really don't know what to say. On the positive side, at least it's not animals. I mean, if I were wasted and had no college education and was really, really bored, maybe I'd do it. Well, actually, no way in Hell.
Brian, Fenton, via the Internet

Redneck's daughter responds: For those of you who consider this a "redneck" thing, you are way off and apparently did not read the article. Anvils were shot for presidential inaugurations, to warn people of dangers, for calling town meetings, etc. — all before we had cell phones, radios and TVs. It is all part of our American history. Gay Wilkinson is just keeping that tradition going. Many people do things for the sake of doing them, and when you find someone taking pride in carrying on this historical tradition, they get knocked for being a redneck. Well, I'll say this: If doing what you do, Wilkinson, makes you a redneck, I am proud of being the daughter of a redneck!
Amy, Farmington, Missouri, via the Internet

Textbook case: This has got to be the definitive text on anvil shooting.
Meg, Seattle, via the Internet

No mercy for torturer: I think the death penalty would be entirely too kind for this beast ["Alton Monster Pleads Guilty to Murder; Michelle Riley Tortured Disabled Woman," Chad Garrison]. Ideally, she should receive the same punishment she doled out — and then be put in prison, damn near dead, to rot and think about her actions, and hopefully be haunted by the woman and her baby whom she killed. Michelle Riley, you are a despicable human being, if you could even be considered human at all.
Mary A, via the Internet