Envelope, Please! Here's the winner of the 2009 Unreal News Challenge.

This year's 2009 Unreal News Challenge winner is...Toddy Smith! With an astonishing 95 correct answers out of a possible 100 — higher than Unreal has scored on any test, ever — she just edged out Tim O'Connell, who came in with 94 correct answers, and Lenah Tavenner, who scored 93. Well done, all.

For being the brightest bulb out of the tens of people who took our quiz, she'll be rewarded with a veritable treasure trove of goodies culled from Unreal's cubicle including, but not limited to, sports memorabilia, comically large drug paraphernalia and sundry items we couldn't get rid of any other way. So come by the Riverfront Times offices and pick up your goods, Toddy. So far, you've won more during this year's awards season than George Clooney — congratulations!

Click on the answer key at left for a larger version.