Does It Bother You If Women Don't Shave Their Legs or Armpits?

Week of July 28, 2004

Mona Graham
Care Outreach, Covenant House Missouri
"The armpits, yes, because I think it's a very important factor in personal hygiene. I don't really care about the legs being shaved, 'cause I'm not, like, trying to touch their legs or anything unless it's someone I'm dating. But for a woman to be walking around with hairy armpits, looking like she's got Don King in a headlock -- I don't find that attractive at all."

Michelle Ries
Massage Therapist, The Healing Center
"No, it doesn't bother me. I don't really shave my legs, every three months or so just for the good feeling. I do shave my underarms because I'm not into gorilla-chic, and I wouldn't want that patch to be up in somebody's face. It's funny -- some people think that it's a free-spirited thing, letting your hair grow long and wild and free, but hairlessness is kind of freeing too."

Tom Dubridge
Wide-Load Escort Car Driver
"Nah, body hair's as natural as a June bug on a screen door. Men don't shave unless they're girly-men. Why should women? I've got four daughters, teenagers on up, and they go native when it suits them. Armpit hair -- that's a 'pit pet' at our house."

Bridget Frischer
Server/Busser, Mangia Italiano
"Not at all. I work for Tamara Millay, the Libertarian vice-presidential hopeful, and she has the hairiest armpits and legs ever. But it doesn't bother me; I love her to death. And it's not like women are very hairy in the first place. I mean, our legs don't get big and bushy; it's usually a fine layer of hair, like down. Women shaving themselves has only become popular in the last hundred years or so and, you know, it can be considered a fad."

Stephanie Washington
"No, it doesn't bother me. I don't shave my legs or my underarms either because of the simple fact you've got to shave so often, and that's itchy and irritating and all that. And the hair just keeps growing anyway."

Yvonne Nichols
Bartender, Nadine's Gin Joint & Café
"To each their own. Some guys might get really excited about a woman having armpit hair long enough to braid. Me, I don't care so much if they shave their legs -- 'Put on some pants, wouldya?' But if you can see a woman's armpit hair when she lifts her arms, that's pretty gross. This isn't Europe."