RFT readers get steamed up over meth heads, tea baggers and homophobes

FEATURE, MAY 20, 2010
Meth is for half-wits: Always remember that half the people are of below-average intelligence ["Shaken and Baked," Keegan Hamilton]. That's why it's called an average. The thing that scares me is how many of these below-average intelligence people vote! Obviously, most of them.
Steve, via the Internet

How can this be? Wow, sounds like a wonderful hobby — and addiction. How do people get hooked on this poison? I can understand coke and marijuana, but meth? Crazy crackas. Anything for a high.
Dustin, via the Internet

Burn, baby, burn: So he goes to the hospital with a $70,000 bill, which is probably still adding up, what with followup treatments and meds. He's broke, so the hospital passes on the costs to people like me. Look, I don't mind footing the bill for someone who's blue-collar and underinsured or not insured at all. But this guy? Fuck him and let him burn to death.
The Man, via the Internet

Meth is a like a box of chocolates: Mama always says: Stupid is as stupid does.
Forest Gump, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 19, 2010
And Loesch hits them out of the park: Every single time this guy opens his mouth he tosses up more softballs for Mrs. Dana Loesch and her followers to hit home runs with ["St. Louis Blogger Adam Shriver Gets National Nod for Online Battles vs. Dana Loesch," Chad Garrison]. He has hardly any followers, and the "national" attention he received was from a site with less followers than Loesch. It's obvious he is consumed with hatred towards her, and his objectivity, logic and skills in semantics have flown out the window. Now you, the RFT, post this crap using only his site as a source without fact-checking him. This makes the RFT look like fools. Why keep letting her win with this idiotic crap? Battle her on philosophical grounds, because it is obvious she triple-checks her facts. Calling her a liar sets up a nifty defamation suit and puts another feather in her cap. Dana Loesch is stealing your lunch money, and you don't even know it because you are so blinded by hate and jealousy. Go read more of his crap and do your homework. He is making the rest of us civil liberals look bad, and that is why we are losing.
Duh, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 18, 2010
Smart guy turns stupid: Political correctness aside, Dr. Katz's defense of homophobia fails miserably ["Jonathan Katz: Wash. U. Prof Tapped by Obama to Solve Gulf Oil Crisis Is 'Homophobe, Climate Change Denialist,'" Keegan Hamilton]. First, Katz notes that promiscuous gay men are responsible for the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Katz concludes that all homosexual behavior is immoral and equates homosexuality with theft and murder. This is a clear non sequitur. Obviously, some homosexual relationships are monogamous and do not spread any diseases. If Dr. Katz wants to condemn behavior that results in the spread of STDs, then he should write a diatribe against promiscuity generally. For such a smart guy, it's a pretty stupid (and bigoted) rant.
Anonymous, via the Internet

Summing up: Say what you want about the guy, he's still a renowned assholephysicist.
Aaron, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 13, 2010
Chow down: Why is it so much worse for them to eat dogs than it is for the rest of the world to eat cows, birds, pigs and whatever else? Just because you had one as a pet doesn't make it wrong to eat.
Anonymous, via the Internet

Not that progressive: I refuse to believe that the people of the United States are so well adjusted that eating a dog is "culturally relative," but free health care is socialist and evil.
Monty Scott, via the Internet

Just another form of meat: I don't have a problem with eating dog ["It's a Chinese Eat Dog World Out There," Ellis E. Conklin]. I wouldn't eat one that I personally kept as a pet, but I would eat dog. I've had rabbit, and I used to have a pet rabbit. I don't understand the problem with it at all. It would make sense to me if you were a vegetarian and completely against eating any animal, but as long as you're pro-meat-eating in general, I just don't see the issue.
Sprinklerhose, via the Internet