Nervous 'bout Nieves: Readers are wary about aspiring pol's alleged temper

She knows it works: My son is five years old and has Pervasive Development Disorder/Not Otherwise Specified ["iHelp for Autism," Ashley Harrell]. He has been using an iPod Touch for about two years. We ordered the iPad for him as soon as it was available. The iPod Touch and iPad have made a huge difference in his ability to learn and communicate. He was instantly fascinated with them. There are so many applications for all children to learn and have fun doing it. I am glad to hear that application developers are taking a closer look at autism and developing apps for special needs kids. I have no doubt that these devices have improved and enriched my son's life.
Vickie Green, via the Internet

Interested in the possibilities: Thanks for sharing the exciting news about the iPad and the various applications that are used for speech, language and general communication. Nicely written, Ashley.
Tammy Mastropietro, via the Internet

The people's choice: Soon the facts will all come out, and this fool will be in handcuffs ["State Rep. Brian Nieves Accused of Assaulting Political Rival," Chad Garrison]. I've been following this story since it hit the fan, mostly just out of dislike for the guy and the fact that he is a pompous S.O.B. According to KSDK, this guy's "witness" has now been identified as his own treasurer, Dave Bailey. The police report is also showing that Bailey was involved — locking the door and shutting the blinds as he watched this maniac perform all these ridiculous acts. I think both of these guys should get locked up for this. Who do these people think they are, thinking they can get away with this stuff? These are the type of people you want possessing legislative power?
Anonymous, via the Internet

Missouri's Rod Blagojevich: If a person is going to be in politics, they are going to have to be prepared to have dirty campaigns. Mudslinging was going on in all kinds of directions, as it does in a lot of campaigns. If he can't handle it tactfully, then perhaps politics isn't where he needs to be.

And if everyone knocked the crap out of everyone else every time something negative was said, wouldn't that be a messed up debate! This isn't kindergarten. Yes, people are going to fight dirty. That has been going on forever. How you handle it is how you can earn respect, not whining, slapping, threatening or saying, "Oh, poor me, I said some bad things, but they can't do that to me."

If this is indeed true, someone who can't handle the publicity of a public life shouldn't be in it. Especially if they are going to threaten the very people they represent. No matter what those people do, you can't go around wanting to threaten people. That is called a bully.

Like I told a friend before the election, "Something about this Nieves guy just scares me. He is going to end up being Missouri's Blagojevich." She called me a few days ago and said, "Do you have the news on? Well, I think your gut feeling was right."
Jen, via the Internet

A Republican against Nieves: I have been in the Franklin County political arena for six years. I also classify myself as a Republican. During this time I have had numerous interactions with Mr. Nieves — average, talk-at-the-church-picnic-type things.

The guy makes my skin crawl. Sometimes you just sense those things in your bones. He absolutely smacks of self-interest. I've heard the rumors, and I don't doubt for one minute that many of these allegations are true.

But you'll never convince his rabid supporters otherwise. And that is truly a shame, for those he's hoodwinked and for the taxpayers in general. He's a loose cannon, folks — big time.
RINOHunter69, via the Internet

Words from one of those "rabid supporters": First, I know from the election junk I've received in the mail and from knowing both candidates personally that many made-up lies were put out by Mr. Bell and Dick Stratman's campaign. Did anyone not hear the after-election statements by Stratman's staff? Why is it that no one wants to really let it soak in that it is the sore loser's staff head making these claims?

If it had been me, I would have beaten the hell out of Mr. Bell for many of the false claims he made. It's one thing to campaign for an office — it's something else to use a campaign to make false, belittling claims about someone's wife and family. Would the ones saying Brian Nieves is out of his mind like to meet him and then realize after speaking with him he is not out of his mind? He researches his positions carefully and has become a student of the Constitution, something all lawmakers should do!
Byron, via the Internet