Shopping Dreams and Cocktail Wishes

Recently, Ms. Day was surprised to learn she has much in common with the leader of North Korea — aside from all his dictatoring, that is. Both are of a small stature (five-foot-three, to be precise), and, more important, both appreciate the finer things in life. Ms. Day imagines that when she pours herself a snifter of Cognac, Kim Jong Il downs some brandy as well (though he might be drinking straight from the bottle). And when Day toots around town on her Segway, she’s sure Kimmy enjoys himself on his personal transporter just as much.

Anyway, all of Day’s thoughts of fanciness lead us to the actual topic at hand: the Designer Sample Sale happening this weekend (5 to 10 p.m. Thursday and noon to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, December 7 through 9). At this shopping event, put on by LuxuryDrop, sophisticates like Day, Kim and you will take pleasure in purchasing men’s, women’s and kids’ designer clothes, shoes and more at 60 to 95 percent off retail prices. And to make this bargain-seeking experience all the more glamorous, cocktails are served, and babysitting is free! How luxurious! Shopping connoisseurs should arrive at 26 Maryland Plaza with their admission in hand ($15 for Thursday and $8 the rest of the sale); a portion of these proceeds help support the Judy Ride Foundation. For more information about the brands offered, visit
Dec. 7-9