Choose Life

Don't cook

Most triskaidekaphobics know that Jack the Ripper's name has thirteen letters, that the arrest of the Knights Templar marked the unlucky beginning of Friday the Thirteenth and that thirteen is the ideal number for a coven. But we suspect even the most superstitious of souls will don whatever protective medallions are necessary to take part in the thirteenth annual Dining Out for Life event today. Participation is easy: To support the Saint Louis Effort for AIDS, simply eat out at your favorite spot. More than 100 local restaurants, pubs and cafés donate between 25 and 100 percent of your check to the group's HIV/AIDS prevention-education and support services. Check out for a list of participating eateries, or call your restaurant of choice to see if it is contributing during breakfast, lunch or dinner — or all three.
Tue., Nov. 28