Buck Naked Takes the Lead

As the Deepwater Horizon spill seeps its way through the Gulf, destroying habitats and wrecking livelihoods, our nation's dependence on Big Oil seems less sustainable and more distasteful than ever. Protest the notion that "America + Oil = BFFs" by participating in the World Naked Bike Ride tonight on the streets of St. Louis. Riders begin gathering at 7 p.m. behind Commerce Bank (3134 South Grand Boulevard), and the birthday-suited peloton rolls out at 9 p.m. The ride's secondary purpose is to promote a positive body image, but if you'd rather not be completely starkers, not to worry. Like major world religions and Insane Clown Posse lyrics, "naked" is open to interpretation. Pair a banana hammock with your banana seat, or let it all hang out — it's up to you. The event is free, and participants are invited to a post-party on South Grand following the ten- to fifteen-mile ride. For more information, call 708-323-6867 or send an e-mail to [email protected].
Sat., June 19, 2010