Wheels on Fire

Zack Warden, Shane Weston, Seth Kimbrough and Will Love — four internationally renowned BMX riders — show off their collective stuff at the Hoffman Bikes Team Professional BMX Demo at the Plan Nine Skatepark in the St. Louis Mills Mall (5555 St. Louis Mills Boulevard, Hazelwood). Warden is a native of St. Louis and has been training since he was big enough to hoist himself onto a bike. Devoting weekends and any free time to training paid off, as Warden turned pro while still in high school. Weston, Kimbrough and Love are no slackers themselves and will be available with Warden to sign autographs and pose for pictures after the 2:15 p.m. demo. The demo is free but regular session fees ($12 for two hours or $29 for an all-day pass) apply to ride with them. For more information, call 314-227-5294 or visit www.plan-nine.net.

Sat., March 27, 2010