Buying Power

While Ms. Day does like shopping — what, you're not shocked? — she appreciates getting a good deal more. It is not often that you'll see her browsing and buying at expensive, high-end stores, you know, the kinds of shops with sales that lower prices to still-too-expensive rates. No, she's more into the hunt: She'll poke around at thrift stores for hidden gems, like clothes with the original tags still attached, and she'll definitely shop the sales and peruse discount stores. But what she likes to do best of all is yard- and garage-sale shopping. One person's trash is, indeed, Day's treasure, so she will be first in line at the Biggest Yard Sale in History, taking place from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 16, throughout the city of Ferguson. Maps will be available the morning of the sale at the Ferguson Farmers' Market (20 South Florissant Road), among other locations. Learn more information by calling 314-521-7721 or visiting
Sat., May 16, 2009