They Tumble for You

And for togetherness

The Olympics always make the world feel like a much smaller place. On a television near you, all of these athletes get together in the spirit of competition, showing you the best their respective countries have to offer. In a similar way, the St. Louis Arches, a local acrobatic group for children, makes the world seem more neighborly. This troupe visited Israel last year to team up with the Galilee Circus, a Jewish-Arab troupe, and now that notable circus group is in St. Louis to work with our Arches. But unlike the Olympics, the two tumbling teams don't get together to compete. Instead, the Galilee Arches, as the joint effort is known, collaborate on performances, which makes their endeavor that much sweeter. To check out the results of this combined circus extravaganza, head to the City Museum (701 North 15th Street; 314-231-2489 or at 1 or 3 p.m. Monday or Tuesday (August 11 or 12). These shows will be the last ones in St. Louis for the Galilee Circus kids, so don't miss out on your chance to offer your support of the important barrier-breaking work they're doing here and back home. The performances are included in regular City Museum admission ($12), and you can learn more at
Mon., Aug. 11; Tue., Aug. 12, 2008