Everybody Loves Free

The Craft Alliance rocks. And you can believe Ms. Day on this point because she writes from experience. Not only did Day complete a very educational introductory clay class there — her somewhat lopsided sculptures decorate her apartment to this day! — but she has also participated in one of the organization's Friday Night Free for All events. During these super-fun evenings out, people of all ages get to try out several crafts, from working with clay to forming a metal bracelet, and from weaving on a loom to making a glass bead. Day already banged out a cuff bracelet — it's made from copper and has an industrial-cool vibe — so this time she's probably going to try and make a bead. So what are you going to create tonight? The Free for All is free (imagine that), and it runs from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Craft Alliance (6640 Delmar Boulevard, University City). For more information about the night, call 314-725-1177 or visit www.craftalliance.org.
Fri., May 30, 2008