Keen on Green

Attending all of those Earth Day celebrations has finally started to make a difference — you're seeing green. Or trying to, at least. You've bought the reusable grocery bags. At home you recycle damn near everything except for used tissues, and you're participating in that AmerenUE renewable-energy program. You've even tried to make the workplace more environmentally friendly by setting up boxes in which coworkers can recycle their soda cans and paper. But you know you could be doing more — you just don't have the time to research all of the options. That's where comes in handy. This newish, nonprofit Web site points St. Louisans to all kinds of eco-conscious businesses including architectural firms, cleaning-product suppliers, landscapers and more, plus, it offers information on job opportunities at these companies and details about pro-Earth events, including the celebration of the official unveiling of the site. The free launch party happens at the Tarlton Corporation headquarters (5500 West Park Avenue), a certified green building, from 5:30 to 9 p.m., and it features live music, good eats and drinks, and models donning stylish, sustainable wares courtesy of Boutique Chartreuse. Check out the site or call 314-822-1792 for more information about the fun and about how to keep your life good and green.
Thu., March 6, 2008