Crappiest Weekend of All

There's something for everyone this weekend (Friday through Sunday, January 6 through 8) at the thirteenth annual Let's Go Fishing Show, held at the Gateway Center (Route 157 and I-55/70, Collinsville, Illinois). Not just another cruddy boat show, this one promises to be the crappiest fishing-themed show all year — particularly because it features seminars by regional crappie experts on "Super Crappie Sunday." And on Friday and Saturday, other anglers lay some knowledge on you; plus, throughout the entire weekend, the kids can play skill games and practice on a fishing simulator, which allows them to get hooked on the sport before you spring harsh weather, ungodly hours and live bait on them. Of course, all the latest boats and gear are displayed, but the prize of this year's show is the "Freshwater Fishes of North America" exhibit. This mobile museum travels around the nation on a 40-foot trailer and displays mounts and replicas of record-holding fish caught on our fair continent. Admission to the Let's Go Fishing Show is $3 to $6 (seminars and mobile-museum access are free with your paid admission); for specific information on show and seminar times, call 618-288-9952 or visit
Jan. 6-8