Ramble On

In the eyes of the uninitiated, night cyclists are a special breed of fearless: It’s one thing to ride your bike in the heat of a Forest Park Sunday but quite another to slip through the city streets under the cover of a full moon. Those who like night riding know that it isn’t about fearlessness (use lights!), but serenity and -- dare we say it -- magic. The Moonlight Ramble is a ten- or twenty-mile (rider’s choice) downtown ride that’s made nocturnal cycling a blast since 1964. Truly, the Ramble is kind of famous -- about 10,000 cyclists rode last year. You’ll need tickets in advance (314-516-4647 or www.moonlightramble.com); they’re $15 to $25 for general riders, with a “premier-rider” option priced at $100, and proceeds from all ticket sales benefit Hostelling International. The pre-ride registration and fun start at 8 p.m. Saturday, August 25, at 14th and Chestnut streets, which is also the location of Vendor Village and all of the pre-ride entertainment. The ride officially begins at 12:01 a.m., and the course is swept for stragglers at 3 a.m. But by that time, you’ll already be enjoying refreshments at the after-party.
Sat., Aug. 25