This concert will be great!

Not only is James Hegarty a skilled experimental electronic musician who used to teach at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park, but he also seems to be either a weatherman or a fortuneteller. According to the press information for the upcoming concert he organized, Hegarty said of the show, "Set under the trees on a warm spring day, Digital Circles is a very relaxing way to enjoy really creative new music." So he knew it was going to be warm outside today? Well, that's good news. Let's put on our sunglasses and join Hegarty and the other musicians in the atrium of the Bastian Center for the Performing Arts at the college (5600 Oakland Avenue; call 314-644-9350 for more information). The noon electronic-music performance features some live music along with samples from several genres — and it's free! Digital Circles is part of the Forest Park community college's weeklong 2006 City Artfest, which celebrates both the performing and visual arts. But don't expect any more predictions during the fest: Fortunetelling is not yet considered a performing art at the school.
Tue., April 18