A Crouton of Thanks

According to Ms. Day's somewhat unscientific calculations, her grandmother (a.k.a. "Nana") has prepared approximately 3,940 meals for Day throughout her life. That's a lot of meals! In order to express her gratitude to Nana for her faithful time in the kitchen and her unbelievably delicious lemon meringue pies, Granddaughter Day plans to take the family to Harvest (1059 South Big Bend Boulevard, Richmond Heights) for the Annual Easter Dinner. Not only will Nana not have to cook this Easter, but she will get to enjoy such treats as grilled New Florence Missouri lamb sausage with house-made mozzarella flatbread and sweet pepper-stuffed Missouri Bootheel quail — yum! You know, you probably owe your grandma some time off from cooking, too, so go ahead and call 314-645-3522 to make your reservations for your family to join us. (And for the record: Although Ms. Day must say that the spread at Harvest sounds delish, Nana's cooking will always be most dear — but it's time she got served for a change!)
Sun., April 16