La Russa for Mayor!

Good grief, Tony La Russa! First you bestow upon our fine city a World f-in' Series championship, and now you give the citizens your Stars to the Rescue fundraising event, which benefits your heartwarming Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and some local groups, too! Not only is Ms. Day in love with saving shelter pets, just as you are, but she is also in lust with St. Louis' own Michael McDonald, who is performing at the gala! Seriously! McDonald's soft beard, his transcendent lyrics — he's really got it all! But Tony, even though Ms. Day should be embarrassed by these riches, she still has one favor to ask: Is there any way — pretty please — that Wynonna Judd could duet with McDonald on "What a Fool Believes"? Day loves this song (now that she's figured out the words), and she's just dying to hear it live. If you can't grant her this special request, Ms. Day understands, especially since the entire night of performances is going to be great. After all, in addition to the talents mentioned already, you've gathered Tom Johnston (another Doobie), the Liverpool Legends (Beatles tribute group), Moving Arts Dance and more, all to perform at the Fox Theatre (527 North Grand Boulevard) at 6 p.m.

Readers: To find out if Ms. Day gets her wish, you're going to need a ticket for the fundraiser. Purchase one through MetroTix (314-534-1111 or; prices range from $25 to $60.
Sun., Jan. 14