St. Louis is No. 1 again in crime stats, and readers debate if that's warranted or preventable

Statistics don't lie: I like the spin that because New York City doesn't count thefts under $1,000, St. Louis is absolved of its crime problem ["Back on Top: St. Louis Named Most Dangerous City in 2010," Chad Garrison]. St. Louis doesn't report every theft, either. For example, if there are five car break-ins on the same block, or in the same area, during the same night, St. Louis only counts that as a single crime.

People being shot within a few blocks of my home means that there is a serious crime problem in the city, whether the mayor or the St. Louis Police Department likes it or not.
Mike, via the Internet

Pay no attention to the corpse in north city: And in the meantime, the mayor fails to comment on the fact that there's been at least one murder every week for the past two months. Don't worry, folks, there haven't been as many car break-ins downtown! Hooray!
A.N., via the Internet

Litany of lists: Most dangerous and most failed and least likely to recover from the recession? I will go out on the limb and say this was caused two decades ago and could have been course-corrected. This didn't happen yesterday.
Ed Goltermann, via the Internet DAILY RFT, NOVEMBER 15, 2010
Let's talk about sex: I am well aware that the decision to prosecute is made for a variety of different reasons, but I think that if the allegations of a "gang rape" had any validity, they would be pursued ["Police Report: Saint Louis University Basketball Players Plotted 'Pulling a Train' on Victim," Keegan Hamilton]. I think the bottom line is that the players, despite the inconsistencies in their story must have come across as more reliable than the victim. And absent any physical evidence of a sexual assault, the prosecutor decided that the acts did not even warrant any charges being filed.
Billiken Fan, via the Internet

Our daughters aren't fair game: Billiken Fan, so if I understand you correctly, drunk girls leaving bars are fair game for pulling trains. Further, when cops take their reports from crying girls, it is the word of the condom-stashing player against the girl's. I am guessing you do not have daughters.
Former Billiken Fan, via the Internet

A pox on everyone: I think they are all full of shit. The guys are assholes for trying to pull off a train without telling her about it. They were horny and thought it could be their lucky night. After she told the first guy that she didn't want to have sex, he should have known that the train wasn't going to work out.

The girl put herself into that situation, and even if she was uncomfortable, she could have said no or kicked one of them in the balls or just fucking scream (it's not like the walls are that thick).

For this reason I think this situation is unfair to both parties.
Jesus, via the Internet

Defending Ian's honor: Wow ["Near Beer," Ian Froeb]! Overly sensitive comes to mind.

As a former restaurant/bar/nightclub reviewer for a now-defunct local publication, I can relate to Ian's assessment of this place. Perhaps he has higher standards than most. If I go to a venue numerous times and on numerous occasions get a cold, well-done burger having asked for a medium burger, wouldn't I be pissed? Sure would. If I felt the menu descriptions were not accurate, wouldn't I write about that? Sure would. Would I convey my impression of the layout and ambiance of the restaurant in a way I felt necessary? Sure would.

Why don't you naysayers stop being so effin' defensive and just agree to disagree? Ian's track record speaks for itself. I enjoy his reviews and trust him.

What do you want, Rose Martelli back? Hell no!
S.E. Williams, via the Internet