Be the Lead Dog

Human beings are competitive animals. We constantly strive against one another to determine who is fastest/loudest/most productive. Why do you think architects place the bathroom stalls so close together? But this urge to race can be harnessed for the greater good rather than just for individual glory. The Downtown Idiotarod is just such an example. Teams of five people band together to decorate a shopping cart and themselves, then race human dog-sled style through a series of checkpoints (where they must compete in certain physical challenges) in order to prove who is fleetest of foot and strongest of will — and maybe also handiest with glue gun. Yes, renown and hosannas will be thrust upon the eventual winner, but funds will also be raised for Operation Food Search. The Downtown Idiotarod begins at noon at Old Post Office Plaza (801 Locust Street; Admission is $50 for a team of five but free for spectators. Absolutely no dogs will be allowed to compete — this is a race for people only.
Sat., Feb. 26, 2011