B-I-N-G-Oh, Yeah!

Bored? Feeling bored means you're boring. And that's shameful, especially when five bucks will buy you a whirl through the Militant Propaganda Bingo Machine. The sketch-comedy arm of the NonProphet Theater Company returns to its roots, which is high-level weirdness and hilarity controlled by bingo and performed by seasoned professionals. So professional in fact that they perform the sketches in random order (determined by audience members), so you never get the same show twice. Also, you can win actual prizes — sure, they're dollar-store prizes, but you'll still feel like a winner. The Militant Propaganda Bingo Machine shudders into life the last Sunday of the month at Lemmon's (5800 Gravois Avenue; www.nptco.org), and doors open at 7:30. Admission is $5.
Sun., March 27, 2011