Ms. Day's Wild Ride

Ms. Day dreams of a day when she lets down her long locks, (carefully) puts her horn-rims in their protective case and really lets loose. And she's not talking about snapping her fingers to a sassy little tune on the radio or tapping her toes at a big-band concert — she's talking about getting totally screaming-eagle wild on the spinningest, craziest contraptions she's ever dared to board. (Of course, she's a bit of a chicken, so try to view this carnival scene through her lenses for a moment.) If she had her way, she would jaunt around in that octopus-type ride until she didn't know which way was up, she would get herself all twisted up in that scrambler ride, and then she would take a cool-down on the Ferris wheel or maybe even enjoy a spin on the ol' merry-go-round. Yes, that day will be a wild day, indeed, when Day takes the afternoon off and heads out to the St. Louis Mills (5555 St. Louis Mills Boulevard, Hazelwood; 314-227-5900 or for something like, say, the Luehrs' Ideal Rides Carnival. For the young and young at heart, the fair has set up shop on the mall's parking lot, offering fun and rides and games and more from Thursday, April 21, to Sunday, May 1. Times vary depending upon the day, but ride tickets always cost $1.50, with deals if you buy in bulk. Maybe Day will see you there!
April 21-May 1, 2011