Crawfish eaters horrify our readers, but Canada geese and Chris Elbring aren't so bad

FEATURE, JULY 14, 2011
Triple damn: Great story ["Float Trip Dos and Don'ts," Aimee Levitt]. A man's gotta be crazy to eat a whole raw live crawdad. Damn! I can see frying the tails in some hot peanut oil, but damn!

I guess it's a good lesson: When your senses are telling you "yuck," you'd better listen. Take their advice and spit it out. Damn!
Danieljoeoconnor, via the Internet

NEWS REAL, JULY 14, 2011
Worthy opponents: I've been a member of Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl for well over fifteen years and, yes, I hunt ducks and geese ["Wild Goose Chase," Kelsey Whipple]. I can agree with these practices. The urban goose population has long grown used to humans and, like the article states, many are resident birds, here year round. There are valid reasons to limit their numbers with these methods, and I applaud the efforts of these people.

Once out of the urban setting, I can tell you from experience that all subspecies of the Canada goose become worthy adversaries while being hunted within the laws and rules set by both the Missouri Department of Conservation and the U.S. Department of the Interior. I have harvested many Canada geese and don't remember too many stupid ones.
Henslayer49, via the Internet

A dissenting view: Geese are such assholes.
Jinx, via the Internet

Prefers a balanced hack job: I think all of us would agree there are two sides to every story, and just because one side chooses not to comment doesn't justify the decidedly one-sided hack job you have contrived ["Byte Me," Nicholas Phillips]. But then again, that might not get noticed!
Notascionofwealth, via the Internet

The sins of Chris Elbring: He's absolutely right; this is a one-sided hack job. And a bad one at that, as I was left feeling more sympathy for Jim Kalishman than Chris Elbring by the end. You don't fire your biggest investor over e-mail, get pissed because he's trying to keep overhead down, spew racist comments in writing, invite a conflict-of-interest lawsuit by using your own company to fulfill production, not pay taxes on the aforementioned profits and then try to walk away with all the company's assets by starting up a second limited liability company and come out smelling like a rose.

Elbring deserved to get sued, and crying to a "liberal" newspaper doesn't change that fact. It sounds like he thought he found a cash cow and got pissed when he didn't get to take Kalishman for everything he's worth.
Martin, via the Internet

Long arm of the law: If the story was a one-sided hack job, how did you get all these facts supporting Kalishman? Oh, they were in the article. "Martin," you are obviously a Kalishman, but if you are going to make statements about hack jobs, be logical about how you do it. Everything you use to support Kalishman being the victim was in the article! Granted, Elbring looks like somewhat of an ass for his racist comments, but who gives info to the feds to send someone to prison, and who uses the courts and big law firms to solve their problems? Rhymes with "wussies," I think.

You know who I feel sorry for in this? It's the rest of America, the people paying for this crap. This Michael Reap guy sounds like a real jackass who did a favor for his buddy at Lewis Rice and prosecuted this Elbring guy as a favor. By my calculation, taxpayers probably spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on this, and what did the government get back? Like $20,000! Then we paid to put the guy in prison and feed him, give him health insurance and take care of him for months. What did that cost us? Way to go, department of stupidity. Keep helping rich people and big law firms screw people over — and then go back on your word in court.

Too many government workers feel like infallible gods and are doing the devil's work.
Fedupwithfeds, via the Internet