Sex at Sunset

609, 609 Eastgate, 314-721-9168

Mid-March, on the cusp of the best time of the year, the itsy, pregnant pause between winter and spring, when the natural world is bursting at its seams, when anticipation is at its peak among creatures both mini and large, all squatting at starting blocks ready to race into the warm world.

In myriad ways, the bugs, the bunnies, the bears, the Bruces and Barbies in March prepare to wind-sprint toward pleasure, toward something to do, something special, in the great outdoors. Crawl out of your cocoons, poke your heads out of the holes, peer outta the nest, test the temperature of the water. Take a walk. Shove some dirt in your mouth. Replant. Replenish. Cut your hair. Soon there will be kites and soft green grass, French kisses on Forest Park benches.

Ah, French kisses, sweaty moments of netherworld bliss, which take place in the moment and disappear into the night, leaving only a memory, which, alas, is but a sliver of the experience, the tiny after-dinner mint following the five-star meal. Prepare now to set the world on fire and enjoy it for what it is: a magic moment.

A magic moment like, say, Sex at Sunset, a vodka martini they offer at 609 in the Loop: Skyy vodka, sweet red vermouth and hazelnut liqueur. More than anything, the drink look likes a Gasoline Martini, which, you know, usually isn't a good idea, drinking gasoline. Sex at Sunset doesn't, however, taste like gas. It's nutty, because of (duh) the hazelnut, and the red vermouth lands on your palate after the initial nut-burst. Squeeze in the orange garnish if you want. Does it taste like sex at sunset? No, but we'll forgive 609, an ace new bar and restaurant, because the sentiment is appreciated. It's spring. Time for lots and lots of sex.

Oh, spring! When all the creatures are at their horniest, ready for a billion-trillion orgasms. You'll find all the lovin' you need in March, April, May; it's the time to go for it. If she's single in spring, you've got a really good chance of a date, because we all love hand-holding and lip-locking as the breeze blows up our bloomers. So start thinking of a good way to go about asking her; you got nothing to lose, partner. Just think, by May you'll be rounding second base, and there's a good chance she'll let you touch it! Hooray!

Sure, Sex at Sunset is a funny phrase for a drink. Sex at sunset! But, you know, why not? Sex at sunset's pretty excellent, yes? As good a time as any, and maybe better than other times, though if you're feeling the inclination for just a little lovin', early in the morning, that'd be okay, too. Come to think of it, so would some afternoon delight. And midnight's pretty excellent, too.