Dodge 'Em

The Los Angeles Dodgers are having an historically bad year. The dreaded "ownership divorce" is an actual marital as well as business separation, and it's going so poorly Bud Selig stepped in to run the team via MLB; when the guy who screwed up an All-Star Game thinks you're making crappy decisions, you're in trouble. The team is hovering around the bottom of the standings, its team offensive statistics are pitiable and one of their ushers just recently stole a foul ball out of a kid's hands -- this is a team that's easy to root against. And they're just what the struggling (of late, anyway) St. Louis Cardinals need in late August. The Cards start a three-game series against the LA Dodgers at 7:15 p.m. this evening at Busch Stadium (Broadway and Poplar Street; 314-421-3060 or Tickets are $5 to $255.
Mon., Aug. 22, 2011