Double Creature Feature

Kids grow up fast these days. Any day now they'll be running down pedestrians playing Grand Theft Auto 8 and cheering on the morbid medical malpractice of Human Centipede X, so before Freddy, Jason and Leatherface thoroughly desensitize your kids to the Universal Horrors that kept us awake at night, why not expose them to the classics with a double dose of mad science on the big screen? This Sunday at 3 p.m. the Wildey Theatre (252 North Main Street, Edwardsville, Illinois) promises a whale of a time with a matinee screening of two James Whale-directed monster movies back to back: 1931's Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff, and 1933's The Invisible Man starring Claude Rains. General admission is $10 for man and monster alike and can be purchased in advance at
Sun., Oct. 16, 2011