In support of Mormons and pot, not so much for occupiers

Not laughing: No, really: This is the form of bigotry acceptable in America ["Mormons: A Shallow Yet Helpful Guide to See If You Should Hate Them or Not?" Pete Kotz]. Make some scathing fun of Mormons. Nice. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a religion that produces good people and communities. Mock their beliefs, (because you think any religion is technically "weird" but one that uses sacred clothing like the ancients must be doubly so) and make fun of their culture, history and people, and do so under the color of humor. Classy! So let's replace the word "Mormons" in this article with shall we say... "Jews" or even worse, "Democrats." Would it be so trendy? So "funny"?
KBLF Radio, via the Internet

Puff: Personally, I am not a user of marijuana ["Proposals Seek to Legalize Marijuana in Missouri," Chad Garrison]. That's not to say I haven't taken a few tokes now and then in a social setting, but not for quite some time. However, I am in a very quiet minority, a conservative Christian man in his mid-30s who absolutely supports this effort! It is hypocritical of our government to keep alcohol legal, which results in many deaths every year from careless use; tobacco, which has no redeeming qualities whatsoever — it only gets people addicted and kills them; while a substance like marijuana, which has many positive uses and, even if used socially usually doesn't lead to violence or impaired driving, remains illegal. Props to those spearheading this effort! If I get a chance, you can count on my signature as well as my vote!
Chris, via the Internet

Puff: Prohibition is a waste of police resources in my opinion. Growing, possessing and using marijuana is a civil liberty in a free society. People should not have to justify their civil liberties to the government, regardless of how you feel about local law enforcement cracking down on marijuana. I hope we can all agree that it should be a state-level decision and not a federal prohibition.
AdvocateReason, via the Internet

Pass: Should have never been illegal. The whole reason they made it illegal ended up being junk science. It is not a gateway drug or there would be a lot more heroin addicts. Aspirin is more harmful than weed is. The real reason it was banned was because of illegal immigration, however moronic that is.
SMDrPepper, via the Internet

Throw the bums out: Slay threw them out so Kiener Plaza could be decorated for Christmas ["Slay Plays Into Hands of Occupiers," Chad Garrison]. He should have done it long ago. Thank God the protest has failed miserably. No one takes the bums seriously. They don't have union thug backing like in NYC and on the Left Coast. And if forced removal of the protesters from public parks makes the news, so be it. They have already made the news here, all to no avail. No one really gives a shit! Case closed.
Kitty, via the Internet

Typical biased media: You write: "Now, instead of letting the protest die of its own accord — which was almost guaranteed given the oncoming winter and a growing disinterest in the movement from the media and the general public..." Do you have evidence to back up this statement, Mr. Garrison, or is this simply the wishful rhetoric/propaganda being pushed by the RFT's corporate ownership and FOX News?
Aaronbbrown, via the Internet

Rules are rules: If there is an ordinance stating a curfew for the park, why should the protesters get an exemption? I support what they are doing but think that "bending laws" is part of the problem in the first place, and they certainly shouldn't ask for the laws to be bent for them.
Sonia, via the Internet