.e, Red Squad, Hatches

9 p.m. Friday, June 1. The Heavy Anchor, 5226 Gravois Avenue.

An electro-thud works behind bright riffs as .e cross-contaminates the drum machine with Fender guitars for a hot but controlled sound. Vocals work as the human element to secular pieces of droned-out rock music. Conjuring a blend of acoustic and electronic, .e breeds lush and wondrous songs. Here, she makes the rare dive-bar appearance, using Heavy Anchor's suitably booming house system. Hatches compliments .e by forging jazz-infused post-rock with melodic builds and wild structure. The Red Squad works in its power-trio prog-rock while bleeding a keen pop sensibility, making a sound that's reminiscent of eight-bit Nintendo tunes, albeit with blistering guitars and crunchy bass. Frantic drumming lends a math-rock feel to the group's penchant for irregular sounds.

A Full Weekend: Progressive music mates with feedback and whirling riffs for a choice pregame to the RFT Music Showcase.