Melanie Fiona

9 p.m. Saturday, September 4. The Ambassador, 9800 Halls Ferry Road.

Melanie Fiona, who opened for Alicia Keys earlier this year, has fully transported herself into the '60s with her brilliant debut album, The Bridge. By reviving the urgency and spirited sensuality of the sonic style from the Stax-and-Motown-dominated decade, Fiona has shown that an edge can be time-worn, yet still razor-sharp. At 26, the Canadian has already racked up an NAACP Image award and a Grammy nomination — achievements that divas twice her age would be fortunate to have bagged after several albums, let alone after their first release. Thanks to sultry, breathy tunes with maturity beyond her years, it won't be long before this decade's newcomers are opening up arena shows for Fiona.