8 p.m. Thursday, November 1. Fubar, 3108 Locust Street.

Fronted by punk legend Keith Morris, whose name you may remember from this one band called Black Flag and this other one called the Circle Jerks, Off! is automatically a venerable supergroup from the outset, with members of Rocket From the Crypt, Burning Brides and Red Kross rounding out the lineup. But really, none of that matters unless the music is good — and holy hell, it sure is. Lo-fi recordings, bombastic minute-long songs with enough hooks to entrench the melodies firmly in your brain and Morris' trademark howl make each Off! record an instant classic. The cover art of all the albums, created by none other than Mr. Raymond Pettibon, is the icing on the cake.

Show Up On Time: The Spits and Double Negative are opening the show. Both are hugely respected and excellent bands in their own right, and the fact that this is a mere three-band show means there won't be time for things to drag.