8 p.m. Thursday, November 8. Cusumano's Pizza, 7147 Manchester Avenue, Maplewood.


Tempe's Vektor plays blisteringly fast technical thrash with progressive influences; it'd probably do quite well with fans of the local pioneer of this style, Anacrusis. Expect longish song times, intense riffage, lightning-quick tempos, lots of weedily-weedily technicality and some seriously evil, scorched-to-the-bone vocals. Vektor is one of the handful of the new wave of thrash-metal bands that metal purists tend to agree on. The band was on Heavy Artillery Records when it was recently acquired by Earache, and its Earache debut is pending.

Not Pizza-Party Thrash, But: Cusumano's has rapidly become the go-to spot for underground metal shows in St. Louis, owing in no small part to its hedonistic inexpensivity: Five-dollar two-topping pizzas, three-dollar Natty pitchers, two-dollar shots — you've been warned!