Approaching Ramming Speed

The NFL preseason is a little weird. It's kinda like being invited to a fancy ball and spending an entire month practicing your dance moves -- in front of a very large crowd. At any rate, before attending formal balls it's always best to have your left foot-right foot moves all figured out and flowing; hence the preseason, that official get-it-together trial period before the big dance. This preseason is an especially crucial one for our hometown pro franchise, which has slowly but surely built up the chops it needs to become a real contender. 2013 could be the year the Rams have been striving toward. Tonight, catch the St. Louis Rams vs. the Green Bay Packers in Game 2 of the preseason schedule at the Edward Jones Dome (901 North Broadway; 314-342-5201 or Hey, it's always a thrill to watch one of the greatest-ever and most important NFL squads (i.e., Green Bay) in action, but this time we're trusting the Pack will be but a cheesy snack for some hungry Rams. The kickoff is at 7 p.m., and tickets are $49 to $325.
Sat., Aug. 17, 2013