Dress Up, Go Out, Get Down

This, the dress-upping-est month of the year, causes a fair amount of anxiety for folks who aren't natural-born costume-wearers (yes, we're looking at you, but not in a judge-y way or anything). Sure, you may be frightened each Halloween season by the prospect of showing up at your friend's house party in your full dinosaur regalia -- face paint and tail and everything -- only to discover that everyone's just wearing snarky T-shirts with "This is my costume" printed on them. Weak. So skip those silly types of shindigs this year, avoid any potential humiliation, dress up with gusto, and head to the Central West End's Halloween extravaganza. During this street-party affair, weirdoes are the only ones who aren't dressed up, the costumes are elaborate -- people are competing for $3,000-plus in cash prizes, after all -- and the fun times roll on through the day and night. The festivities begin at 11 a.m. with a costume parade for children, which is followed by trick-or-treating, and then there's a puppy dog costume competition and parade at 1 p.m. The adult fun goes down in the evening hours, with the party and costume contest scheduled for 8 p.m. To get in on this action, head to Maryland and North Euclid avenues, the CWE's Halloween epicenter (though all of the bars and restaurants in the area seem to get in on the fun), and check out www.cwescene.com to learn more.
Sat., Oct. 26, 2013