Behind the Fig Leaf

Like the mighty oak, Berlin's Fuck For Forest activists have stood their ground since 2004, becoming the world's most notorious non-profit erotic ecological organization. In his new documentary, Fuck for Forest, director Michal Marczak chronicles the activities of the group as they take to the streets of Berlin to talk complete strangers into taking it off and getting it on, and then selling their homegrown sex flicks on the internet, with the proceeds going to efforts that preserve the world's rainforest. The film takes a curious turn when the group heads to Brazil on a mission of mercy only to find their freewheelin' ideals collide with the post-colonial mistrust of the indigenous people they are trying to help. It's worth noting that the group Fuck for Forest claims some events in the film were concocted by the director for added drama; best to go with an open mind. Fuck For Forest screens at 7:30 p.m. tonight as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival in Webster University's Winifred Moore Auditorium (470 East Lockwood Avenue; 314-289-4150 or The Finnish short "Do Not Hit the Drag Queen" will also be shown. Tickets are $10 to $12.
Tue., Nov. 19, 2013