Life After War

There's no pat answer as to how the world's wealthiest country could suffer from such an epidemic of homelessness among too many of its citizens. The issue only gets more confounding, and tragic, in the case of the thousands of veterans (wrap your mind around 200,000 nationally for an approximate figure, with a further 1.5 million at risk of losing their homes) of the U.S. military who fall into homelessness after their deployments end. As depressing as these statistics are, they can't really provide a human face to such widespread deprivation. That's where the art of documentary photography steps in as not only a witness to despair but also to courage and perseverance. St. Louis native Jerry Tovo has photographed this community of homeless vets; you can see his work in I Was a Soldier: Photos by Jerry Tovo, the new exhibition at the Missouri History Museum (Lindell Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue; 314-746-4599 or I Was a Soldier opens Saturday, July 6, and remains on display daily through Monday, January 20. Admission is free.
July 6-Jan. 20, 2013