She's Back!

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Rise up and rejoice, ye former four-year-old girls of St. Louis who used to prance around in your Wonder Woman Underoos and tie up male relatives to demand that they tell the truth. (You know who you are.)

 Your heroine is back!

Yes, she's only returned in a straight-to-DVD animated flick, which is really kind of sad considering all the craptastic live-action movies currently in theaters and considering the fact that the far-inferior Green Lantern is getting his own damned movie, but woman up, heave a big sigh and resolve to be grateful for what you have.

Just think, you won't have to spend large portions of the movie wondering how the actress who plays Wonder Woman is able to run in those high-heeled boots or manages to avoid wardrobe malfunctions involving that, um, bodice. (The old-school Underoos were way more practical for fighting crime, but the sight of them on a grown woman would doubtless be less titillating to male audiences.)

Anyway, the critic at says this new Wonder Woman is actually pretty good:, fun, and a beauty to look at. It's a satisfying version of the Wonder Woman origin-story that ought to please both hardcore fans and newbies, hitting all the right notes.
Clicking over to my Netflix queue now...

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