Deathmobile Barely Survives Race

The "Eat Me, Deathmobile" was designed to shed its birthday cake veneer midway through the race.

It was not supposed to lose its entire undercarriage as well. But that's just what happened in a wild ride last weekend at the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Cincinnati.

As reported here a few weeks back, the team of Washington University seniors modeled their soapbox racer after the parade float made famous in Animal House.

Teammate Jason Anderson tells RFT that the finished product turned out to be too large for the load-in ramp at the race. It had to be manually lifted onto the platform.

"That caused the craft to weaken, break and crumble," says Anderson. "It was all we could do to hold it all together as it went down the ramp. After the second turn the whole top part of the car just ripped off, and we rode the chassis down the hill. It was awesome."

As showcased in the video below, the denuded car still managed to earn big points from the judges.

- Chad Garrison