Ass Clown of the Week: McGruber Meth Cooks, Panhandlers, Party Foulers, Jort Gangstas

'Twas a busy week for Ass Clowns in the St. Louis vicinity. Take a gander at all six nominees below then cast your vote!

1. Jake West: The Fenton teenager who ended a drunken party Sunday morning by asking a female partygoer if she wanted to keep her knee and then allegedly shooting said knee with a 12-gauge shotgun. 

2. Linda Towell: The parolee and door-to-door panhandler arrested this week on charges she stole money from people who invited her into their homes and gave her money.

3. Walter D. Hill: The East St. Louis deputy liquor commissioner pleaded guilty this week to shaking down business owners for cash bribes and other favors.

4. Michael McPherson: The Iraqi War veteran and weapons expert accused of smuggling explosives back to the U.S. that he could use to booby-trap his friend's meth labs as a safeguard against the police.

5. Bike Riding Gangstas: Two 20-something-year-old men on bicycles -- one of 'em wearing jean shorts -- shot two other men on bicycles in a late-night skirmish in south St. Louis.

6. Donald Wright: The Missouri man jailed this week for trying to run over a man with his car after the man refused to quit using a weed-whacker as Wright talked outdoors on a cell phone.